Breathing Disorder Limited Procedure

The procedure allows us to diagnose sleep-related breathing disorders as well as their causal links, and to assess the severity of sleep-related breathing disorders. The procedure is performed at home. The test device is given to the patient from the centre, including guidelines on how to use and maintenance the device.

Breathing disorder limited procedure is a multi-channel procedure, which registers the following simultaneously:

  • saturation of oxyhaemoglobin (SpO2)
  • airflow speed in the nose
  • amplitude of breathing movements on the thorax
  • snoring vibration
  • body position sensor


The breathing disorder limited procedure helps to assess the presence of sleep-related breathing disorders. In some cases, the procedure might not register sleep-related breathing disorders of a more complex nature. If required, the patient is referred to a more thorough sleep procedure. Perfect as a screening.



For performing a breathing disorder limited procedure, the sleep centre has: ResMed ApneaLinkAir.


Apnoea link

Carrying out the Procedure

The procedure shall be performed at home. A small device shall be given to the patient to bring home with them from the sleep centre, and it can be easily attached to oneself at home according to the guidelines. The procedure device shall be activated at a sleep nurse’s appointment in the centre and the recording can be started immediately according to the guidelines and ended at home. Please return the device to the sleep centre a day after the procedure.

Procedure date and time shall be agreed upon at the doctor’s appointment.

If possible, the sleep nurse shall prepare the device for the procedure immediately after the doctor’s appointment.


Test results and treatment

The doctor shall inform you about the sleep test results during your return visit. The sleep centre administrator shall book you an appointment for this purpose.

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