Doctor appointment (suspected breathing disorder)

If you think you have a sleep related breathing disorder (snoring, sleep apnea) please make an appointment with our clinics otorhinolaryngologist or pulmonologist. Doctor examines your current state of health, complaints and conducts an examination. If needed a physician will refer you to further tests and give you specific guidelines for future actions.

If your complaints are confusing and there are several health issues we advise you to make an appointment with our internal medicine doctor. More information regarding Internal Medicine Doctors appointment IN HERE.

When you come to an appointment be prepared to give detailed information regarding your sleep habits, for example doctor may want to know what time you go to sleep and wake up, if or when you wake up during the night and other sleep regarded information. To get a better understanding of the symptoms and the depth of your sleep problems, doctor might ask you to fill up questionnaires or a sleep diary, either at your home or in our clinic.

If you sleep problems are not related to a breathing disorder, then our psychiatrist-somnologist (sleep doctor) or a sleep-consultant might be able to help you.

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