Myofunctional therapy

The correct functioning of tongue and mouth muscles has a large impact on the development of the skull and teeth, healthiness of the teeth, posture, quality of sleep and even ability to work. Myofunctional therapy supplements orthodontic treatment and sleep treatment, leading to a more permanent outcome. Our myofunctional therapists receive patients of all ages.


We recommend seeing a myofunctional therapist with the following concerns:

  • mouth breathing
  • mixed breathing
  • tongue tie
  • wrong resting position of the tongue
  • wrong swallowing pattern
  • weak muscles in the mouth, tongue and soft palate
  • pains in jaw joints or in the neck
  • clicking or popping in jaw joints, painful chewing or asymmetry
  • sleep apnea
  • bad habits associated with mouth and jaw muscles (such as thumb sucking, teeth clenching and grinding, biting lips or pencils)
  • post-surgical therapy (practicing nose breathing)


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