Positional therapy for snoring and sleep apnea

An overnight sleep study might show that your breathing disorder is mostly when you are sleeping on your back. In supine position your tongue might fall back and block you airways, it is called a positional sleep apnea. In Hea Une Keskus we have a solution for that problem, it is a positional treatment and its effectiveness has been clinically proven. Devices we have are NightBalance and Ronfless that help you change your sleeping position.


Ronfless anti snoring device


Ronfless belt is a patented medical device, it goes around your chest so the ball on the belt will stay in the middle of your back. Ronfless will teach you to avoid sleeping on your back, as it uses a mechanical obstacle and therefore reduces snoring and breathing problems during your sleep.

NightBalance sleep position trainer

Nightbalance device has an active sleep position sensor that constantly monitors your sleeping position and vibrates if needed. When it vibrates you should turn to a different position which will train your body not to sleep on your back. Device is small, light and easy to use.

Before buying this device you need to make an appointment with a sleep nurse and go through the test period.



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