Sleep counsellor appointment

Everyone who has disrupted sleep can make an appointment with sleep counsellor. Sleep counsellor will help you with sleep disorders and problems caused by this.

Sleep consultant will conduct an interview and assess patient’s issues, sleep habits and will ask you to fill out a sleep questionnaires regarding your sleep disorder. If necessary sleep counsellor will refer you to a sleep study or a different specialist.

Sleep counsellor will make you an individual sleep schedule and give you specific information about sleep hygiene. Sleep counsellor will mostly use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but depending on a patient may also use different therapies and techniques.

To achieve the best treatment outcome, the patient might have to fill in surveys both at home and in the center, keep a sleep diary, and perform treatment tasks. Mostly, home exercises are alternated with supportive and additional appointments.

One of the tools we use is an actigraphy, which monitors patient’s physical activity. The device will be put on your wrist and it measures the movements or the lack thereof. Livelier movements will indicate wakefulness. It will give an overview of the actual sleep-awake periods and will be used together with the sleep diary.

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