Sleep doctor reception

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, the sleep doctor familiarises himself with the patient’s current health status and complications, and maps any possible symptoms. The doctor shall examine the patient to the required extent and may refer him to tests or appointments with other specialists.

It is vital to specify sleep-related habits, including: bedtime and awakening time, waking up at night, other sleep behavioursIn order to specify the extent and depth of symptoms, the doctor may ask the patient to fill in surveys and sleep diary at home or in the centre.

Download the sleep diary.


Repeat visits

In some cases, when agreed upon, the sleep doctor is visited several times, for example:

  • to monitor the condition
  • to explain the test results and give further advice
  • to monitor the effect of the medication/treatment

To achieve the best treatment outcome, the patient might have to perform treatment tasks at home.


Test results and treatment

The doctor shall inform you about the sleep test results during your return visit. The sleep centre administrator shall book you an appointment for this purpose. In addition to test results, the doctor shall introduce you to different treatment options.

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