Sleep-related breathing disorder treatment with a PAP device

Treatment with a positive airway pressure device (PAP treatment) is the most common and efficient treatment method for sleep apnoea. Treatment success is ensured through good co-operation between the sleep centre and the patient. The patient shall wear a nose or nose-mouth mask on his face at night, through which air pressure with appropriate air pressure for keeping the airways open is directed into the airways.

PAP treatment equipment is being constantly developed in order to increase the factors that determine ease of use. The results of a night slept at home can be monitored in the sleep centre via a cloud system (over the Internet) right after the patient wakes up. This way, the sleep nurse can make ongoing changes in the treatment device and advise the patient via phone.

As a nasal breathing obstruction decreases the success of PAP treatment, an ear-nose-throat doctor must always first examine the patient. Nasal breathing obstruction shall be improved with nasal sprays or via surgery.

Some patients are unable to tolerate the PAP device, but in case of sleep apnoea this treatment is for life. In this case, efficient treatment methods for snoring and mild and moderate sleep apnoea are an intraoral device or so-called “braces” and/or surgical expansion of the upper airways.

PAP treatment device
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